“Whatever it is, it’s better in the wind.”. . .anonymous motorcyclist

Dennis Erwin’s hallmark 60th birthday was celebrated with the conviction that there are many more birthdays to come.   With a mother who is 93, and his father who, at 92, is still working as a Culligan man, longevity is on his side and he is not about to let any grass grow under his feet.

Sometimes Re-Imagining Life is forced on you by life’s circumstances.  This was somewhat the case for Dennis after going through a divorce which ultimately was the catalyst for him moving into our neighborhood.   Luckily for us, volunteering has been part of Dennis’s life and for two years he reined as president of our neighborhood homeowner’s association exerting an abundance of grace while working with a multitude of personalities and opinions.

After working for CH2M Hill for 34 year, Dennis is filling the encore portion of his life with the passions he had set aside for a number of years.  His love of photography resurfaced now that he has the time to devote his attention to this avocation.  With the wind as his constant companion, hitting the open road for this avid motorcyclist is almost like heaven.   Next on the agenda is exploring Glacier National Park and traveling throughout the Canadian Rockies this summer on his bike.  He is a man  on the move and I am impressed.

Dennis is a man after my own heart.  Not only is he living strong each and every day with his photography, motorcycling and other volunteer activities, but also because his motto for life, is living the Golden Rule.  Can you Re-imagine what the world would be like if everyone adopted The Golden Rule as the mantra for their lives?  In the words of Louis Armstrong’s song “What A Wonderful World.

Dreams are the touchstones of our character. . . Henry David Thoreau

Years ago I spent copious hours sitting in gyms trying to combat bleacher butt syndrome with Ann Colomy.  As a fellow basketball mom, we celebrated victories, endured defeats and continually agonized over our sons’ trials and tribulations that are germane in competitive sports.  We vicariously enjoyed the intense bond of friendship that teammates develop over time and we are pleased that our sons, both living in Walnut Creek, California by sheer coincidence, are still friends.

Turning 60 was a breeze for Ann and the following year, Re-Imagining Life happened automatically when Ann retired after 26 years as an elementary school teacher.  The process continued, as she and her husband decided to move from their family home of 20 years to a ranch style home near the grandkids.  Retirement was easy; moving was somewhat more traumatic. A lesser factor always a part of

When asked if she noticed a difference in her life after the massive changes in her life Ann says, “I feel there isn’t enough time because life is speeding by.  The good news is I react differently.  It takes more time to handle things, but I do it with a sweeter disposition.”

My best take-a-way from our gal-pal coffee time was her declaration that no one should have a Bucket List, but rather everyone should have a Dream List.

I am looking forward to seeing  you at your son’s wedding this fall, Ann.  Another sweet, sweet time to celebrate life and precious friendships.